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Creating a Post-Launch Checklist for Day Two and Beyond

A site launch is an exciting time. Months and months of labor culminate in turning live a new site the breathes fresh air into an institution’s marketing efforts. It’s time to celebrate. It’s also time to start a new obsession. […]

An Argument for the Value of a ‘Like’

Managing social media accounts for a college or university is not an easy task. Few care to discuss the role of strategy in social media, the pressure to get it right or the business objectives most measure against. It’s almost […]

How to Use Social Media to Influence SEO

Social media is great for building community and fostering conversations. Some of social media’s most untapped potential lies in its ability to influence search engine result pages, where two-thirds of all prospective students go to research colleges and universities. This […]

The Art and Science of a Hashtag Strategy

File this post under the following: #HashtagStrategy Originally developed by Twitter users as a means to categorize messages, the # symbol has crept from platform to platform to become a universal way of connecting content. Hashtags are supported on Twitter, […]

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